Do you remember Nicole and Mark’s country wedding?

bar sz wedding venue photos


It was at this wedding that I met the most adorable litter of buff-colored kittens. Throughout the day these kittens were little guests at the wedding reception. Sitting on shoulders. Playing with flowers. Stealing cuddles during conversations. These weren’t just any ordinary barn kittens.  When the owner of Barn SZ ranch said that anyone who wanted kittens could take them,  I looked for the nearest box.

So my wedding favors turned out to be a box of kittens.

They rode shotgun with me home. I am assuming they loved the country music I was playing the whole three-hour drive.  I got them healthy and vaccinated so that the rehoming process could get started. After a good five weeks getting healthy in my laundry room, I decided that they were finally ready to find their forever homes. Two of my sweet babes went to a home together with a sweet couple. The other two… well…


They are still here and just celebrating their year “Found my forever home” anniversary. Meet Charlee and Pikachu. My two little ladies full of cuddles and troublemaking. Charlee likes to bite fingers. She also enjoys hours of staring at the same fly on the ceiling. Pikachu, however, prefers hours of cuddles. She also loves to be held like a baby, where Charlee freaks out if you try to pick her up.  My two little terror twins are so opposite but so similar.


I am so grateful that they followed me around and claimed me as their human on that fine day at the ranch.  Happy One Year, my little Barn Babies! 



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