I'm Heather

The Person Behind The Lens

Passionate about capturing authentic moments full of intimacy.

In a world full of polished, perfect, posed images, I am in love with the moments that are raw and real. Getting a true emotion out of my client or capturing it in a candid moment is what lights my heart on fire. I love showing my clients how beautiful the world sees them to be.

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Award winning wedding and portrait photographer serving northern california and beyond

In my work I shall always seek connection, intimacy, the authentic you & authentic me.

If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that life is too precious to not live every day to the fullest. It was this way of thinking that had me embark on this journey of starting a photography business 10 years ago. What lit me up was creating art that made people feel good, and I was too stubborn to give up the dream of doing it for a living. So here we are...

Photography gave me the ability to create a time machine back to a moment that has already passed. The art from those moments helps take people back to how they felt when that image was taken. And for those that weren't subjects of the photo, they can feel the feelings through a simple snap in time. Pretty incredible, right? It is an honor to document stories so that people have visual reminders of these important moments in their life.

I’m not a stranger on your wedding day or session. I’m your friend who just happens to take really amazing photographs. Through learning about the things their love and what makes their story so uniquely theirs, it gives me a platform to create art so profoundly personal to someone's heart. My clients are passionate, funny as hell, love deeply, and are adventurous. When you see your photos, it’s my goal for you to go back to that moment and to relieve the feelings you felt that day in that photograph.

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