Not sure what a photographic experience with me is like? Will it be awkward? Do you have to memorize pinterest poses before? What do you do with your hands? When you are photographed by me, you can expect to lose track of time because it goes from scary to fun in about 10 minutes flat. I will guide you when you are feeling awkward or insecure in front of the camera. Trust me, you are beautiful and are far more photogenic than you think you are. Through prompts, just enough direction, and beautiful light I will photograph not only breathtaking couples portraits but those really intimate special moments in-between.  The ones that you didn't even know happened.  The spontaneous moments that just happen organically showcasing your true connection to each other. Telling an authentic, beautiful, sometimes awkward and hilarious story through photos.   It is my hope to give everyone in their hands a visual representation of the happiest times in our lives. These moments mean so much over time. If you are like me, when you are feeling a little too much pressure from the world it is so nice and grounding to look back at old photographs at a time my heart was exploding with joy. Or maybe it's a photo of someone I love dearly. Photographs have the power to take us back.  It is as close to a time machine as we can get, and I am so grateful for this gift I have been given.