Erotika is an ink on metal image cover option. It differs from the Armour cover in that there is a distinctive laid down ink feel where the high key areas are blown out to reveal the sexy, lightly brushed, metal sheen beneath, adding a whole new tactile sensation to this totally tempting cover. Erotika covers can work with either black & white or color images but look best with images that exhibit a wide variety of tonal values since the high end will get dropped out to reveal the metal beneath. Extra care should be taken to avoid scratches as there is no protective coating on these covers.

  • Metal image cover
  • Special ink applied to top metal layer
  • 10% of highlights dropped out
  • Choose any material for spine & back*

*Although you may choose any material for the spine and back, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND A LEATHER for stability and durability over time.

Upgrade cover for $200