When I see families that tear up in happiness by just looking at each other, it makes my job to capture sweet photographs way easier. Alexandra and I met for the first time on her wedding day, and everyone received my presence with open arms like an old friend.  This was really so telling on how they were as a group of people, rather than my ninja skills. Watching them throughout the day, I observed how kind and giving they were to each other. Everyone always trying to make sure the other is taken care of. All the wedding details had very deep, personal meaning to the bride and groom’s family.

This was a destination wedding for Alexandra and Eric’s whole family. The love in this family was so strong that it brought even Alexandra’s grandfather from Missouri to California. The deep emotional ties in this family were so inspiring to watch. Their emotions could be so clearly seen on their face. Thanks for having me at your beautiful celebration under the redwoods, Alexandra and Eric.



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