Diane + Royce

The perks of this job include creating beautiful art full of emotion for my wonderful clients. All the hours of work are totally worth it, and I so grateful to be a business owner and photographer for over 11 years. Aside from creating art though, the people that I have met through all these years of weddings and photo sessions were the really special perk that I never considered when I decided I wanted to be a photographer.  The relationships and connections that I have made from being in this industry are ones that I am going to cherish my entire life.

And I definitely never thought I would meet such an incredible friend as I did in Diane. I absolutely LOVE this girl. Once in a while, you bump into those people that just understand you. They are really rare and when they come into my life I am always so grateful to find a kindred spirit that has the same weird humor, taste in video games, and love of doge memes. Diane is one of those people and it wasn’t until I got to hang out with her and Royce at their San Francisco engagement session that I really knew it!  

This day at Kohl Mansion will forever be one of my favorite days. Because my sweet friends got married and had one hell of a party. Also… weddings with dogs are totally my jam. Here are some of my favorite images from their big day in Burlingame. 

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