Well, it has been a crazy few years, my friends.

A house fire, a pandemic, and a whole lot of personal transformation. I've been a busy girl. But I have still been photographing beautiful, intimate weddings for some incredible people.

Due to the Pandemic at its height in 2020, Janina and Will's wedding plans were thrown off like many couples. Rather than their full wedding, they decided to do a small elopement with about 15 people on their correct wedding day. But in 2021, it was time for their party. And to accommodate their guests, they decided to have two weddings. One at Saratoga Springs was more of just a traditional reception. And the other is in Los Angeles with a full religious ceremony and reception.

Their sweet ceremony took place at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Upland, California. It remained small and intimate, but with far more people than its original elopement in 2020. Together with their loved ones watching they were able to have their traditional ceremony surrounded by love and support.

After their ceremony, it was time to party! Off to the stunning Coco Palm Restaurant to have the reception with those that couldn't show up to their Northern California reception or elopement. This location was stunning! Giant windows overlooking the valley, beautiful classic architecture, and one of the most chill, fun-loving wedding receptions I have ever been a part of. Janina and Will even ended the reception with some fun karaoke for everyone to enjoy rather than some of the more traditional wedding events.

I adore these two and am so grateful that I got to photograph three of their weddings and their engagement!

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